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        #Acai Berry: This Acai Berry Face Mask offers you soft, firm skin in no time! As a powerful antioxydant, acai has toning and invigorating properties that are perfect for tired skin.

        #Lemon: Essence with Lemon Extract creates Clean & Transparent skin tone.

        #Honey: Essence contains honey extract and gives moisturizing and shine to dry and frizzy skin.

        #Cucumber: This Face Mask refreshes the skin and leaves it brighter, with a flawless appearance! Rich in vitamins and minerals, the cucumber extract moisturizes dry skin and leaves it soft

        #Green Tea: The refreshing green tea essence contained soothes and protects skin, creates fresh, lively and clear skin.

        #Kelp: Essence contains kelp extract to restore tired skin due to external environment.

        #Blueberry: Essence contains blueberry extract that keeps skin vigorous by forming strong protective film.

        #Rice: The Rice Real Nature Face Mask offers you a dazzling, even complexion. Known for its brightening properties, rice extract helps reduce the appearance of age spots and illuminates the skin.

        #Goji Berry: Gives flaky, dehydrated skin a surge of moisture.

        #WhiteTea: The mask sheet drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum with ultra nourishing White Tea gives flaky, dehydrated skin a surge of moisture.



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