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        WHAT IT IS

        Camellia essential hair oil serum that creates silky hair

        1. Double treatment camellia oils
        Fermented camellia oil fills the holes of damaged hair and camellia oil coats the cuticles.

        2. Hair strengthening
        This hair serum revitalizes damaged hair affected by frequent perm and dyeing treatments.

        3. Hair that flows and shines
        This serum is instantly absorbed into the hair, nourishing the hair for a range of hairstyles.

        HOW TO USE

        After shampooing, towel dry your hair.

        Apply 2-3 pumps of serum to your hair, concentrating on the ends.

        1. shampoo
        2. conditioner
        3. oil serum
        4. curling essence
        5. hair mist


        Enriched with the wondrous energy of pristine Jeju Island, The story of camellia flowers

        1. A bright red bloom even in the middle of the harsh winter snow
        The camellia line is enriched with the astonishing vitality and life energy of the camellia, which allow it to overcome the harsh winter snow and bloom with a more vivid color and fragrance than tropical flowers.

        2. Beauty from Nature
        Camellia oil's outstanding moisturizing and nourishing effects have been used since ancient times to beautify skin and hair. This gift from nature provides elasticity and health to both skin and hair.

        3. Jeju camellia for smooth and sleek hair
        Jeju camellia oil penetrates deep and creates a protective layer on hair to prevent moisture loss and to reveal bouncy and voluminous hair.

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